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News is new information; previously unknown. (Webster’s dictionary)

We used to hear the news via a stern voice from a reporter who would share information, which was usually not very pleasant.

Now, there doesn’t seem to be any true news stations. TV channels advertise the news is coming on, but what the people at the station say is to stay tuned to their program. The news seems to be a staged event. It is so boring, the channels have to conjure up what might draw attention. Maybe that’s why personal news runs rampant in the form of hour-by-hour updates spilling over into everyone known: family, distant people, acquaintances, movie stars.

What their news usually is involves a car accident, a fire, a shooting. Sometimes a war. This seems to be their news every day. Just the location is new. Useful news is weather and road conditions.

I had medical news waiting that I had avoided for months. The news consisted of results from a test I really didn’t want to hear. I figured it would be bad news.

A friend and I scoped out what the news would dictate. We conjured up possibilities from death probability to advanced surgical techniques, to tried-and-true minimal procedures. We didn’t consider all of the possibilities.

Finally, I have to hear the news. The news resulted in: No problem exists. The circumstances are the same as last year. Well, that was a six-month avoidance for no good reason. No dramatic interventions, take your vitamins. What a huge relief. Worry for no good reason. Fear buried.

My spouse didn’t prolong getting news: Wanted immediately to know results from any tests or procedures. Bad news: Fix it now. Surgery involved: Schedule it for next week. Don’t wait, don’t want bad news hanging around. Pacemaker, get it in. Cancer: Take it out. The pacemaker had the best outcome: Good news. The news that it wouldn’t be safe to drive anymore resulted in “well I guess I won’t then, I won’t be a hazard to my family.” News that devastated me, was handled immediately and not moped about.

There was more personal news: An email delivery of a message: Contact your doctor’s office. We haven’t been able to reach you. Well that’s not news. Who was contacting me was the nurse surgery scheduler. The doctor that removed a spot on my arm said we won’t get in touch with you unless there is a reason for further treatment. Well, I guess that told me my arm is due for news of its own.

I just hope the ghoul doesn’t decide to chop off my arm.

I can’t do anything left-handed.

Let me know how you are doing. I care.

Contemplation: When is it the best time to hear news, good and bad?


Lynn Brooke

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