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Mailbox Thief


My neighbor texted me a little while ago. Her husband saw a woman looking in my mailbox this morning. She took off when she saw him. This wasn’t a homeless person.

What comes in the mail anymore for someone to help themselves to? I get scads of invitations to open an account at the bank or get a credit card preapproved. I wonder if just anyone could use one of these mass-produced invitations to get a card? So far I’m not getting any due notices for a card I didn’t order. I don't get money in the mail. Anything like that comes via FedEx or UPS, although even those entire trucks are getting ambushed, and packages left at the door are being pirated.

My home is the second oldest on the block. Do I look like I have a lot of dollars? Wonder if she thought I might be getting a skin magazine; getting a vicarious thrill

This intrusion is a concern. This has been a quiet neighborhood with no crime and no property destruction. Doesn’t she know this is a Federal crime? or doesn’t care? Is lawlessness creeping everywhere since it became fashionable a few years ago with invasion of our capital building and bragado for doing so?

In past years and a previous home with a beautiful yard, it was a target for mischief. It was a matter of pride and fun to thwart it. Snatching Christmas light bulbs was quelled when the light string was rigged to dump a bucket of water on the snatcher. There were no more light bulbs snatched. Some of the boys liked to ride their bikes across the yard, leaving dents in the yard and grass. There is a mean looking cactus with big long needles (that are actually soft). A row of these planted in our setting resulted with the bike riders tumbling into them. You never heard such whining. There was no more bike riding across the yard. This is another matter, not mischief, a crime..

Most of the neighbors have locking mailboxes. I had thought about getting one, but there are drawbacks. They have very little volume. Some years I have had copious amounts of mail collected when I have been late migrating. My current mailbox converts to a large receptacle, but really isn’t suited for every day locking.

Some of the mailboxes don’t permit outgoing mail, and I do still send mail. I have been careful lately to put out mail with checks late in the day when the mailman is expected, or dropping the same at the post office.

I am clawing and  fighting to be able to still pay bills by mail. To be in charge. I have had too many instances when automatic payment has resulted in months of conversations about incorrect amounts, or even collections after cessation of services.

People seem to be flocking to post office box rentals. That doesn’t seem very convenient. Sometimes I don’t even leave the house for days to drive somewhere.

My mind is toying with a new mailbox, one that has to be constructed. One that meets all the requirements. It may be a fun project. It will require assistance from outside people, maybe two or three with special skills.

In the past when my spouse, who is now gone, was cheated in one way or another, there was a major retribution on the perpetrator. An unexplainable happening: a heart attack; business failure. It was scary stuff.

I may put the word out to please keep watch over my mailbox until I can get it upgraded.

Sent word to the beyond.

Considerations:  What does it take to protect our stuff?

Let me know how you are doing. I care.


Lynn Brooke 

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Photo Credit: © 2024 Rachel Gareau


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