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Why Our Third Chance?

Our third chance centers around re-entering life after a major loss. Please join us on this journey. Others may share parts of their journey and, hopefully, you will, as well. 

Corn squash and bean seeds

Third chance may seem like the last chance. Maybe it isn’t. What it does indicate is that Two Chances have come and gone. Maybe the first chance was a wonderful relationship, a job, an educational degree, a baby, or even a car. It was meeting the world with all of its challenges. 


The Second Chance may have followed the decimation of some of the First Chances: 


  • Divorce and new relationships

  • Fired and hired

  • Second baby, and so on. 



The Third Chance seems major. It’s about re-entering life after a serious accident or illness. It’s about getting well. It’s about the death of a spouse and potentially a new relationship. It’s about finally having a baby after losing many. It’s about finding happiness. It’s about finding a purpose.


Threes, by their number and associations, may seem ominous.


  • Three strikes and you’re out

  • Three's a crowd

  • Third time around

  • Bad luck comes in threes.


Positive threes (3rs) provide strength in our lives.


  • Three's a charm

  • Three incomplete proteins in beans, squash, and corn unite to form a complete  protein, which forms muscle

  • Three elements of education, reading, writing and arithmetic, provide the basis for learning, communication and function in life.


We want to know how you are doing and we want you to know that we care about you.

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