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Making Adjustments

It seems like the first tools that were invented were to make things easier on the do-er. With more complex times, there were more complex tools.

If there was a big weight to pick up, there were hoists and big machines, all sorts of devices.

There were alternatives. Make things smaller, if possible. The disadvantage is that flour, birdseed or whatever, put into smaller bags costs more, but so does the machine for big stuff.

Robert Havighurst, the Developmental Psychologist from times back, pronounced one of our developmental tasks is to adjust to declining strength and health. That’s not fun. I want to be able to do what I’ve always done.

The reality is, I can’t. It’s not fair.

I have grudgingly relinquished one assistive device, which totally inhibits my abilities to do 100 things or more.

I have told myself not to get on the ladder. Maybe when I get my balance disorder that comes and goes resolved, I can do it again. Now, I won't.

Of course I had to test it. I took one step up and realized it wasn’t the thing to do. (*#@&%)

There’s a little problem right now. There’s a freeze coming. The hummingbird feeder is up there. I need to get it in for the night, so there’s a big problem. Should I call someone to get it down? Should I intrude upon their day, or call the handyman who loves the extra income?

I had rigged a pole with a hook on it at a previous home. I put the feeder up and down just because it was handy. Those were small, lightweight feeders. This one isn’t. I do have a fruit picker with several teeth broken off. Should I try that?

I did and it worked. I got the feeder down. I won’t trust it to get the feeder back up, however, it's too heavy.

I had to make an adjustment. I put the feeder on a table.

And fantastic.

There are the little birds visiting their feeder, making the adjustment.

I can’t see the feeder to enjoy their visit where it is, but I can make another adjustment. I can make a little table just for the feeder and place it within my sight from inside.

There’s no rule that the feeder has to be hung up. I just proved it.

This adjustment business seems to be working.

There are other ladder chores I have to do and have help to complete. I never did like to change fluorescent light bulbs. I will gladly adjust to that change, even when I will be able to.

Stuff like groceries have always been high up in the cupboard because I don’t use them very often. A friend several years back gave me a grabber that belonged to her mother. I will honor her mother and use it. I can change the location of things in the cupboard, put the smaller things on top and the big stuff on the bottom shelf. That seems like a no brainer. They are that way because that's how I always stacked them.

So my pantry seating order has been changed. The groceries didn’t seem to notice or mind.

My energy is not as never-ending as it used to be. I don’t work 12 to 16 hours a day anymore and I take breaks.

Even with that, there is one change and a big adjustment that has happened. I have a monitor now. It’s four legged.

Little Dog came and told me yesterday it was time to get off work, and it was. I didn’t notice the time and didn’t realize how long I had been at it.

There was a bonus, an adjustment bonus.

I still had energy, so did Little Dog.

We had playtime and huggy time. Grieving was taking time off.

The “to do” list is on hold until tomorrow.

Contemplation: What adjustments can make your life easier and safer?

Let me know how you are doing. I care.


Lynn Brooke

© 2024 Our New Chances

Photo Credit: © 2024 Rachel Gareau


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