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Joy is Fleeting

Choose joy. This doesn’t seem like a half full, half empty glass kind of thing. Joy seems to be such an instantaneous positive experience, an uplifting emotional event.

There was a beautiful gorgeous sunrise this morning with sun streaking through clouds, showing brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. It struck me, how joyous!

Then it was gone. A five-minute display. Where did Joy go?

Way back, when there was a group of friends, one had a small white poodle. This person was alone at the time, didn't talk about any past relationships and would just show up with a dog named Joy.

Now I am the person who is alone with a small white poodle. Her name is not Joy, but she brings me some.

She brings me instances of joy when I see her

  • Carefully select which toy she will bring for me to throw.

  • Bring that toy ball (or a pig or a frog, the rest rejected) pridefully back after a toss.

  • Bury the same toy in a blanket or one of her doggy beds.

  • Gleefully roll said toy under the couch so I have to retrieve it.

Then we both are tired. She digs and scratches a niche next to me to lie down. We enjoy this episode, called Puppy Time. This is not an episode of joy…

It is a time of pleasure.

That seems to be key. I had a moment of joy to see the sunrise. How I wanted to share it. Little Dog doesn’t care about sunrises. The sunrise not only would have been a joyous event, it would have been a pleasure to share.

It seems that Joy does not happen by itself. There has to be an outside trigger. A thing, happening, other person or pet, an object.

Maybe that’s why so many dollars are spent on toys and drugs, to get that instantaneous flash of the instant emotions, of joy. Then they get old, become boring and one has to get another.

What gives me pleasure? 

I am Dutch, slow at everything. Maybe that's why I like fishing, a long time of slow pleasure, then a strike — Joy.

Little Dog also gives me pleasure, laying next to me, having Puppy Time.

Wouldn’t I love to again have that other person in my life, to share the sunrise, to share everyday events, to exchange Valentines?

Giving and receiving is lasting pleasure.

Let me know how you are doing. I care.

Contemplation: What brings joy? What brings pleasure?


Lynn Brooke

© 2024 Our New Chances

Photo Credit: © 2024 Rachel Gareau


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